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Daphne City

  • Digital Narrative
  • Parallel Text
  • Natural Interface


Enrique Rodríguez Araújo — Story and Narrative Structure

Literary Studies professional graduated from Universidad Javeriana in Colombia. With his studies and independent research, he has created a specific discourse about narrative structure and urban storytelling, allowing him to offer new tools for understanding and expression of the city through literary language.

On November 20th 2007, in Bogota, Colombia, his first book Héroes was published by La Serpiente Emplumada. In April 2011, also in Bogota, his second literary fiction book, Pájaro Violento, was published by Trilce Editores.

Carlos Sánchez-Lozano — Design and Programming

His goal is the use of new technologies, in particular natural interfaces, to create innovative narratives in art, education, entertainment and any other area that requires a message to be delivered in a creative manner.

He has worked as a consultant for eLearning companies, non-profit organizations, and academic institutions in Canada, France, Colombia and Costa Rica. He has presented his ideas and projects at conferences in North America and Europe.

Viviana Alfonso - Video

Master in Visual Arts from Universidad Javeriana, with experience in cultural events management and production. Her academic and professional interests focus on the development of proyects in which art is transformed into a vehicle and tool for expression, understanding and social awareness.

Gordon Bradley — Editor (English)

Gordon Bradley is a Montreal-based editor and technical writer who will assist us with the English and French translations. He holds both a BA and MA in English Literature and Creative Writing, the latter from Concordia University in Canada. He has worked at various software companies as a freelance technical writer for almost 15 years.

His interests are the web as metaphor, comedy, and experimental video of high aesthetic value.

Juan Camilo Alfonso

Juan Camilo is a Colombian graffiti artist who has presented his work in many countries in Latin America. He travels frequently giving workshops about illustration, graffiti, and comics.

He has kindly allowed us to use his work to present the underground voices in a visual way around the city.


Daphne City is a digital story with interactive activities that require reading the text, as well as re-reading it and re-writing it. The narrative appears in a digital environment in a linear and non-linear fashion, along with its corresponding echoes in other forms such as news text, twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc.

Daphne City is then a digital literary creation which is supported on the web and all its interaction and communication possibilities, because the text replicates itself and allows the user to replicate and recreate it in turn.


“The Press” and “Xk-uno” are two websites that are an extension of the story of “Lucrecia Daphne”. It is an expansion of its fictional reality in the media format of magazines and newspapers. They narrate, in news form, the most important events that take place in the universe of “Lucrecia Daphne”, promoting the proliferation and re-invention (re-writing) of the story in the readers’ comments. Nevertheless, and because of the readers’ interaction, the expansion does not stop there but instead invades, or attempts to invade, the social networks such as twitter and Facebook.

The Press    Xk-uno


Intelectual Property

All graphic elements, 3D models, images, etc. have been specifically created for this project or have been purchased from legal sites.

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